“The Rowena Incident” Print by Stev Ominski


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An imaginary event based on two facts; one: that the approaching waters in the scene backed up behind Rowena Gap (another narrowing), and two: numerous Columbia Mammoth dig sites have been found nearby (within a mile or so of the present day site of the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles.”   The Ice Age Floods Institute chose this print as the frontispiece of its last general brochure.  In the scene, the viewer sees a small family of panicked mammoths flee from the rising floodwaters continuing to gush downstream from Wallula Gap at the same time as they were being backed up by the constriction of the gorge at Rowena Gap.   This print measures 10 1/4 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches high, is mounted on a cream-colored backer and encased in a clear sleeve, with finished measurements of 16 1/4 inches wide and 12 1/4 inches high, and is signed by Mr. Ominski.