Geologic History of the Wenatchee Valley


Describes the last two hundred million year unparalleled buffet of geological events in the Wenatchee Valley area.
By Charles L. Mason, The Wenatchee World Press, 2006

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Geological History of the Wenatchee Valley and Adjacent Vicinity
By Charles L. Mason
The Wenatchee World Press, 2006

Describes the local geology of the Wenatchee area and includes chapters on plate tectonics, formation of Washington State, and basic physical geology. Includes over 150 color photographs.

The last two hundred million year geological history of the Wenatchee Valley and the adjacent vicinity is most easily described as a buffet of geological events, unparalleled nearly anywhere else on earth. Anyone interested in the study of earth science would find this region a feast of geological delights, which a lifetime of indulgence could not completely embrace. No one text can possibly provide a menu of this buffet in its entirety, taking in all which is being offered to a geological gourmet.

Nearly every page shows at least one of the over 150 color photographs detailing the events of millennia past. The technical terms are kept to a minimum, giving a layperson a greater appreciation and understanding of the topic. A map showing sites of interest and bisected with references to a GPS coordinate conversion table is included.