On The Trail of the Ice Age Floods – Vol. 1


This Ice Age Floods guidebook covers the Mid-Columbia Region: Moses Lake to Palouse Falls to Wallula Gap to Yakima.

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ON THE TRAIL OF THE ICE AGE FLOODS VOLUME 1On The Trail of the Ice Age Floods – A Geological Field Guide to the Mid-Columbia Basin –  Vol. 1
By Bruce Bjornstad
Keokee Books, 2006

During the last great Ice Age some 15,000 years ago, the Pacific Northwest was repeatedly decimated by cataclysmic floods unlike anything in modern times. Giant walls of ice-laden water—miles wide and hundreds of feet deep—raced over the land at speeds up to 80 mph, scouring the landscape and leaving a fascinating geologic record. This book explores those legendary floods, explains the features they created, and guides readers to trails and tours in the Mid-Columbia Basin to witness the floods’ awesome power for themselves.

  • Explanations of 19 types of landforms
  • Guides to 70 flood-formed features
  • Thirty off-road hiking and biking trails
  • Five driving tours and two aerial tours

The guidebook covers the Mid-Columbia Region, which includes the area south of Moses Lake, west of Palouse Falls, north of Wallula Gap and east of Yakima. Bruce Bjornstad is a professional geologist/hydrogeologist who has studied the Ice Age Floods since 1980 and regularly leads lectures and field trips on the subject.