IAFI Window Decal


Help spread the Ice Age Floods story by displaying the easy-to-attach IAFI window decal in your vehicle(s). The QR code links directly to the IAFI website.

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IAFI Decal – vinyl, 4.8″x4.8″ NEW! – You can assist in spreading the Ice Age Floods story by displaying the IAFI vinyl 4.8″x 4.8″ inside window decals in your vehicle(s). The decals are easy to attach using the detailed instructions printed on the peel-off backside of the decal. Individuals viewing your decal from a park, restaurant and other venues can easily use their smart device, such as a phone, iPad, or notebook and scan the QR (Quick Response) Code to access the Ice Age Floods Institute’s website instantly.

Your decal purchases make you a partner with IAFI in spreading the fascinating Floods story.