“Age’s End” Print by Stev Ominski


“Ages End – The classic viewpoint seen a zillion times on calendars around the world over the years, but viewed here back during the Ice Age Floods. Note: Beacon Rock can be seen, out in the left side of the river, in the distance. Prior to the end of the days event the river would have topped where you, the viewer, is standing at around 800’ above the normal river level.”

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Stev Ominski’s artistic rendition of one of the Ice Age Floods crashing through the Columbia River Gorge. The view is looking east from the Women’s Forum, east of Portland, with Crown Point in the foreground and Beacon Rock barely visible in the background.  Numbered and signed, the print itself measures 17 inches wide and 11 inches high, and is mounted on a cream-colored backer and protected in a clear sleeve, with finished dimensions of 22 1/4 inches wide and 15 1/4 inches high.