Please Review/Evaluate This Newsletter Format

Gary requested that this newsletter example be sent to the board for review as this will be a discussion item on the Board Meeting Agenda.

Some time ago Gary, Signe, and Lloyd began looking at ways to streamline the IAFI Newsletter, trying to make it easier to compile and easier to read. This example is generated directly out of the IAFI website, so both public and private articles can be easily included in the newsletter (basically a drag and drop assembly) as short excerpts linking to the full article. The excerpt format will hopefully make the newsletter shorter and make it easier to read and follow interesting articles, and it being based in the website will make it easier to compile so we can send them more frequently. 

This will also be advantageous to you and your chapter because you can get out news items in a more timely manner, you won’t be required to come up with an interesting article as often, and each chapter will be able to generate custom newsletters for only their members in the same way without going through a 3rd party like MailChimp.

So give this newsletter a good look and bring your questions and comments to the board meeting. We hope to see you in Pasco next Saturday.

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