Puget Lobe Chapter

IAFI’s Puget Lobe Chapter serves the greater Puget Sound region

Chapter Officers
President Dale Lehman
Vice President (open)
Secretary  Mark Dalos
Treasurer Linda Wolfe

Chapter Meetings – The Puget Lobe Chapter meets in Jan., Mar., May, Sept., and Nov., ordinarily on the first Monday of the month, except in Sept., when the meeting is usually on the second Monday. In addition to presenting programs and activities about the Ice Age Floods, the Chapter explores aspects of the geology and natural history of the Puget Basin and western Washington that are complementary to the principal Floods story. It was in this region that J Harlen Bretz, as a Seattle resident over 100 years ago, began his serious examination of the large-scale effects of lowland glaciation and deglaciation.

The Chapter meets at the Edmonds Senior Center, which is right on the waterfront in Edmonds, at 220 Railroad Ave., between Main and Dayton Sts., a short distance south of the Kingston ferry dock and directly across the street from the AmTrak station. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are always free and open to the public.

There is off-street parking at the Center, as well as elevator access to the second-floor meeting room.

For more information about the chapter contact Dale Lehman by e-mail or at (530) 350-6877.

Please see the Upcoming Events to the right or the General Events Calendar for a listing of all chapter meetings and events.

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