Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail NPS Brochure

The next big project for the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail is to develop the official National Park Service (NPS) brochure. The standard park brochure that people receive when they visit most national parks has a map of the park or trail on one side and informational text and pictures on the other side about the park significance, visitor safety, and other information.

Developing a brochure is usually done by the NPS Harpers Ferry Center, but because the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail is an affiliate, it is up to Lake Roosevelt, with the help of the its partners, to make it happen. Developing a brochure has three major components: 1) developing the map, 2) writing the accompanying text, 3) laying out the brochure. We’re working on creating a map that follows Harpers Ferry Center guidelines for readability and disability accessibility. Limiting the map to key locations and fine-tuning the route names are critical to creating a visually pleasing and usable map.

At the Ice Age Floods Institute (IAFI) Spring board meeting, IAFI board members and NPS Superintendent Dan Foster identified several significant locations along the trail, then narrowed the list down to about 13 key sites. Institute members have been working on brief descriptions of each of these locations and a clear, yet concise overall flood story. They’ve also been gathering images to be included in the brochure.

Once the map is completed and the informational text and pictures are in hand, we can start laying out the brochure. When we have a good draft of the layout we will send it out to our partners for review. We hope to have the brochure printed and distributed before next travel season.

Denise Bausch
Chief, Interpretation and Education
Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area
Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail

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