Washington’s Channeled Scablands Guide


Use this comprehensive guide to explore Washington’s Ice Age canyons of wonder, great trails, stunning scenery, and amazing history.

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WA-ChanneledScablandsWashington’s Channeled Scablands Guide – Explore and Recreate along the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail
By John Soennichsen (Author of Bretz’s Flood)
Published by The Mountaineers; 224 pages; 6” x 9”

Explore Washington’s canyons of Ice Age wonders – great trails, stunning scenery, and amazing history.

  • Comprehensive guide to a fascinating region rich with history and recreational access to camping, hiking, fishing, and more
  • The Ice Age Floods National geologic Trail was authorized by Congress in 2009.   Once completed, the Trail will connect interpretive facilities, signage, and other tourism activities
  • Features regional maps and photos

More than 2,000 square miles of terrain in Eastern Washington are home to a striking collection of sharp-edged coulees slicing through a crust of basalt.  In this stunning landscape, deep lakes fill the depths of dramatic gorges flanked by steep walls of towering rock columns, and wide tracts of scabby rock that give the region its name.  Geologically no other region in the world contains features like those found in the Channeled Scablands.

Guidebook and travel narrative come together in the Washington’s Channeled Scablands Guide. From Walla Walla to Spokane and Quincy to Pullman, now travelers can explore Washington’s canyons of Ice Age wonder with a brand new guidebook. The guide offers a comprehensive and intimately knowledgeable tour of this one-of-a-kind region. Local writer and historian John Soennichsen is your guide to fascinating lore; snapshots of the unique towns connected by this singular landscape; descriptions of the unique geology; advice on how to explore whether by auto, horseback, canoe, bike, or on foot; and essential info like where to fuel up and stop for dinner. If you’re seeking adventure and intrigue just off the beaten path, you’ll find the keys to a whole new world of exploration with Washington’s Channeled Scablands Guide.