George Last – President (Renewed) of Lake Lewis Chapter

George Last was recently elected president of the Lake Lewis Chapter. Many of you who have been in IAFI a long time will remember that George was the chapter president for 10 years. After a break of a few years he is again chapter president. We are pleased to have him as an IAFI Director again.

Gary Kleinknecht is especially pleased to have George as chapter president as this will permit Gary to spend more time at the dig and conducting field trips. Gary will continue to be on our board as a Director and our vice president.

George was one of the major people who developed the Lake Lewis chapter brochure and thus has detailed knowledge of the process. We will be asking George to provide guidance, as needed, to the other chapters on their brochure work. This should include the easiest way to get this work done as well as how are we going to get the maps done, which is a major hurdle we need to get over. We are confident with George’s guidance we can get this work done in the most efficient manner.

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