Quincy Basin Field Trip

April 23, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 6:00 pm
Carpool from CWU’s Hebeler Hall parking lot (H6)
Karl Lillquist - CWU

Join us as we explore Ice Age floods in the Western Quincy Basin. Ice Age floods entered the Quincy Basin from the northeast and east. Some of this water drained from the basin through the Drumheller Channels to the south. The remainder flowed west, exiting the basin through Frenchman Coulee, Potholes Coulee, and Crater Coulee on the western edge of the Quincy Basin. We will examine the landforms and sediment evidence for late Ice Age catastrophic flood origins and evolution of the western flood outlets. Along the way, you will see giant basalt columns, dry falls, potholes, plunge pools, buttes, mesas, flood bars, dunes, and more. Additionally, we will examine evidence of earlier Ice Age floods into the Quincy Basin from the Columbia River Valley.

10:30 leave CWU
11:15 1. Frenchman Coulee
1:30 2. George Gravel Pit
2:45 3. Potholes Coulee
6:00 return to CWU

– Each automobile will need a Discover Pass or a Washington Division of Fish and Wildlife Access Pass to park at Stops 1 and 3.
– Dress for the weather forecast. There is no shade at any of the sites.
– One pit toilet is available at Stops 1 & 3
– Stops 1 and 3 will each involve a hike of ~1.5 miles over mostly gentle terrain.
Questions? Please email me at Karl.Lillquist@cwu.edu .

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