Did humans witness any megafloods?

Richard Waitt kindly shared his recent paper published June 2016 in Quaternary Research, titled “Megafloods and Clovis cache at Wenatchee, WA.”

“It covers the reach mainly from Chelan Falls to below West Bar, tries to tell the story of sequential megafloods coming to Wenatchee area by different routes at different times, and tries to work in the story of early Homo sapiens in the region, especially as contemplated from the 1988-1990 excavations of the East Wenatchee Clovis cache,” said Waitt in an email to  the Wenatchee Valley Erratics.

His easy-to-read and immensely interesting paper covers both the geological and the archaeological stories for the Wenatchee area. Did humans witness megafloods? Read the paper Megafloods and Clovis cache at Wenatchee, Washington to find out!


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