CWU’s Geology of Washington Course: Free


Nick Zenter – sort of….

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and invited to attend any of these lectures free:

Geology of Washington (GEOL 101 section 02)
10:00 – 10:50 am MTRF (no lectures on Wednesdays)
CWU’s new Science II building – room 103

Fall Quarter
Sept 22 – Dec 6, 2016
Instructor: Nick Zentner

This is the 15th quarter we’ve had a handful of “townies” in addition to the CWU students. Plenty of room for you and friends. For the “townies”…we’re real casual. No registration, no auditing, no reserving seats, etc. Come whenever you’re in the mood. Take the whole class or just a few lectures.

Free parking is handy just north of Memorial Park on E. 7th Avenue.
The new Science II Building (Geology & Physics) – room 103 – is just a couple of buildings north of Lind Hall (our old home). See attached map.

Our first class is Thursday, Sept 22 at 10:00 am.

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