Chapter-specific Ice Age Floods Brochures

In 2015 the Lake Lewis Chapter developed a Lake Lewis Floodscape Brochure highlighting five major floods features in their Tri-Cities area. Each of the highlight panels include scanable links to more detailed information on the website. When the chapter presented the product to the IAFI Board it was suggested that each IAFI chapter develop a similar brochure for their area in a consistent format. The brochures could then be distributed both individually and as a complete set. They could even be sold to help recoup some of the printing costs.

We recognize that creating the maps for the brochures in a consistent format for each area will be a major hurdle for individual chapters. We hoped the Lake Lewis map provider might be able to create a consistent map for each chapter, but when they recognized the complexity of the project they had to decline.

This is a project chapter members can help develop. A brochure will be a significant undertaking for each chapter, but we all have an important part of the Ice Age Floods story to tell in a highly accessible and incredibly scenic area, so well-done brochures will be huge contributions.

Each chapter will identify 5 key sites in their area. You may help recognize features that are compelling, or you may want to help design a captivating brochure. Do you have skills or skilled contacts with others who can help develop the map, layout, and/or story lines to create a brochure for the Columbia Gorge area? Do you have contacts or resources that could help with the printing and/or printing costs? If you can help, please contact your local chapter or drop us an email at


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