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Global Ocean – Human Culture: Past, Present and Future
Jun 1 @ 7:00 pm

University of Washington’s John Delaney will speak on how the well being of all life on earth depends on our planetary ocean, and how the ocean also plays a key role the health of our global economic framework. Yet, most citizens of the world do not appreciate the ocean’s interactive complexity, the diversity of its utility, and its underlying influence on past, present, and potential future, cultural-societal changes. The powerful roles the ocean plays in terms of human history, trade, commerce, resources, hazards, science, education, warfare, defense, the arts, entertainment, modulation of our climate, and the search for life beyond earth, are largely unrecognized by most members of our global society.

Since Herodotus (440 BC), humans have looked at history as an ensemble of stories about city states and nations vying with one another for dominance, using warfare and trade to punctuate the signal events viewed as turning points over the millennia. With few exceptions, human history focuses on unfolding events on continents, yet as far back as the origin of life on earth, the ocean has profoundly influenced the evolution of life, as well as culture, on our home planet.

This presentation explores and expands on these and related themes with the goal of developing an integrated awareness of the central, interconnected functions that our global ocean basin plays in our planetary society of nations and individuals.

John’s 2010 TED talk in:
John’s UW webpage:

2017 IAFI Fall Board/Membership Meeting & Field Trip
Sep 29 @ 8:00 am – Sep 30 @ 5:00 pm
2017 IAFI Fall Board/Membership Meeting & Field Trip @ Soap Lake | Washington | United States

The semi-annual meeting of the Board of Directors and the annual Membership Meeting and Field Trip will be Sept 29 and 30, 2017 in Soap Lake, WA.

More information will be forthcoming.