About IAFI

The Ice Age Floods Institute (IAFI), an educational nonprofit was founded in 1995.  Major accomplishments since inception are the formation of ten chapters across Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana with a large and diverse membership.  Federal designation legislation passed in 2009, authorizing the National Park Service to establish the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail (IAFNGT), is a significant milestone which elevates the IAFI scope of work as primary private sector partner in development and implementation of the Trail management plan.

With enthusiastic leadership and a long serving dedicated Board of Directors , the IAFI is a strong organization recognized as the official authority on the Ice Age Floods, providing accurate/scientific-based advice to its members and stakeholders.  The chapters, operating at the local level, offer monthly opportunities for learning about the Ice Age Floods. 


Committed to being the recognized advocate, educator and marketer of the Ice Age floods experience as a significant international natural and cultural heritage phenomenon.

Current IAFI Priorities

  • Strengthen the Institute administratively and financially.
  • Form appropriate partnerships and sponsorships with ensuing revenue generation.
  • Expand Institute collaboration in development of interpretive projects.
  • Expand the role in the education and advocacy of the ‘floods story’.
  • Develop the organization and Trail brand.
  • Proactively market the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail experience.