Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail (IAF-NGT) News

Dan Foster, Superintendent of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (IAF-NGT administrative center for the National Parks Service (NPS))  admits that there’s little on the ground to show for the trail, but there’s still been quite a bit of organizational progress on the trail lately:

  • Despite there being NO direct NPS funding for the trail, administrative funding squeezed out of the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area budget has kept things moving forward,
  • Two required documents, the Foundation Statement and Long Range Interpretive Plan, are both complete,
  •, the official website for the trail, has been launched (note the last letter is an ‘L’),
  • The critical step of deciding on a logo continues to be a sticking point for various reasons, predominantly related to design complexity, but the end of this year has been targeted to have it completed.
    Proposed Ice Age Floods Pathways (touring routes) and possible locations for interpretive facilities (figure prepared by Jones &Jones)

    Proposed Ice Age Floods Pathways (touring routes) and possible locations for interpretive facilities (figure prepared by Jones &Jones)

  • When the logo is finalized a next big step is to begin signage to identify the large number of major and minor routes and features included within the IAF-NGT.
    • With no NPS funds allocated for this, Dan estimates a need for $300,000 in matching funds to pay for the initial round of route signage.
    • There will also be need for interpretive signage at key locations along the trail.

There will be huge opportunities for individuals, businesses and agencies to contribute substantially to the development of the IAF-NGT. We encourage all of you to begin thinking and working now to identify and educate funding sources about these opportunities to encourage education and tourism throughout the IAF-NGT region.

Do you have contacts with resources that could contribute to a project for the IAF-NGT? Would you be willing to work on a project to help develop the trail? These projects could be through the NPS, the IAFI, state and local organizations, or even our local chapter,  to help develop and promote the IAF-NGT, such as:

  • Roadside signage all along the IAF-NGT route,
  • Interpretive displays at selected locations,
  • Interpretive brochures, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • “Fam Tours” for travel professionals,
  • Other ideas you may have.

If you want to help with the development of the IAF-NGT please contact us at

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