6 New “Nick On The Rocks” Videos

Here’s a present for all you Nick Zentner fans (and who isn’t a fan of Nick?). Nick is starring in 6 brand new short geology videos pretentiously titled ‘Nick On The Rocks’. This series of short videos showcases the diverse geologic wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

CWU videographer Chris Smart

Season 1 of ‘Nick On The Rocks’ is now available for viewing online at the KCTS website. Help increase the chances for season 2 and beyond by viewing the shows online and leaving a comment or two. And share the link with a friend! 

In April, each of the 6 episodes will air on KCTS-TV in Seattle and KYVE-TV in Yakima on Thursday and Friday nights at 8:50 PM. The episodes are the brainchild of Central Washington University’s Linda Schactler and the videos were filmed and edited by CWU’s Chris Smart.

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