3 Hanford Reach Hikes

“Officially, it’s the Hanford Reach National Monument, but some know the spot by a more romantic title: the last wild stretch of the Columbia River.”

That’s the lead-in for an Oregon Live article by Jamie Hale about hiking in the “Hanford Reach, a beautiful spot in central Washington where a unique set of circumstances has disallowed further human interference on a 51-mile stretch of the Columbia, making it the last free-flowing, non-tidal section of the river in the U.S.” 

The article covers three hikes, White Bluffs, Columbia River Viewpoint, and Wahluke Ponds that are pretty easy to reach and offer differing experiences of this natural area that owe a lot to the Ice Age Floods.

Read the full article here. Photos by Jamie Hale | The Oregonian/OregonLive

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