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Use this site to investigate the floods story, then visit and explore the extraordinary landscape itself. You’re also invited to join the Institute and support the Institute’s mandate.

Columbia Gorge Geology Field Trip


Seats are still available for our Fall trip on Saturday, September 17th but they are filling fast. Email IAFI.CGC@gmail.com for more info. “Landslides, Jökulhlaups, eddy bars, hydraulic dams, glacial erratics, kolk ponds, anticlines & synclines, thrust faults, Ohanepecosh to Troutdale formations, lahars, tree casts, petroglyphs, and more” … [Read More Here…]

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You may want to ‘Like‘ the Ice Age Floods Institute Facebook page to stay abreast of all the News and Shares coming out from the Institute. We’re sharing news and articles well beyond the Floods, including geology, natural history, general articles about … [Read More Here…]